Ongoing Fraud on Wall Street

From accounting fraud to insider trading, there’s no denying the ongoing presence of Wall Street fraud in the modern financial world. Wall Street fraud is a practice that’s been around since Wall Street’s induction as a financial hub, and where large sums of money are found, so are people willing….

IPO Watchlist for the Rest of 2023

2023 IPO Watchlist for All Upcoming IPOs Keeping track of initial public offerings (IPOs) is needed for any business or investor. Having an IPO watchlist for the rest of 2023 can significantly impact financial well-being. With plenty of IPOs on the horizon, investors and companies require a comprehensive overview of….

The Value of a Forensic Accountant in a High Net-Worth Divorce

A forensic accountant is worth engaging in a divorce, particularly in high net-worth cases. Divorce is never an easy process, but when high net-worth individuals are involved, the stakes can elevate to a whole new level, quickly becoming a legal and financial minefield. High net worth divorce proceedings often involve….

Reporting Crypto Holdings: An Update from the Financial Accounting Standards Board

The world of finance has undergone massive changes in recent years due to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This mainstream phenomenon has revolutionized how business owners and crypto holders navigate and manage finances. As the crypto market continues to push boundaries and evolve, investors must stay up-to-date with guidelines from the Financial….

Dissecting the First Republic Bank Bailout

Grasping the intricacies of the First Republic Bank bailout, in which the bank secured a $30 billion lifeline from leading American banks, is essential for both investors and customers. This guide delves into the bailout, exploring the factors that triggered the crisis, the key players involved, and the results. Continue reading to….

Conducting a Business Valuation Before Purchasing or Sale of a Business

Understanding the intricacies of business valuation is critical when buying or selling a business. Read this article to learn more. What Is a Business Valuation? A business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a business or company. It’s typically conducted by an independent third-party professional appraiser….

How Should I Prepare My Finances for Divorce?

Divorce. It’s a topic no one likes to talk about. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is reality for hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. In fact, the U.S. reported over 600,000 divorces in 2020 alone. When divorce is on the table, especially for high net-worth individuals,….

Inside the FTX Crypto Scandal

On November 7th, Sam Bankman-Fried had an estimated $16 billion fortune, largely invested in cryptocurrencies. By the end of the week, that fortune was gone. According to Bloomberg, it was one of “history’s greatest-ever destructions of wealth.” It occurred alongside the collapse of his crypto exchange, FTX, an event that….