Top 8 Most Expensive Divorces in History

most expensive divorces

Marriages do not always work out. And when a marriage takes place in the public eye, the ensuing divorce often becomes a spectacle. The public is fascinated by massive divorce settlements of well-known and powerful people. Rumors, cheating, criminal activity, plastic surgery, and money… the most historically lucrative divorce settlements involve all of the above.…

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9 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Divorce

Unhappy young couple visiting divorce lawyer in office

America’s divorce rate is already about 50 percent, but what does that number look like during and after this pandemic? From quarantining together to monetary stresses, a lot of couple are struggling to survive the coronavirus with their partners. The trouble, many are saying, is that planning a divorce when you are together virtually every…

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Avoiding These 9 Common Divorce Mistakes

divorce mistakes

The end of a marriage is difficult for everyone. From splitting up a family to splitting up everything else that goes along with shifting from one household to two, things tend to get a bit messy. Divorce experts often say that if both parties involved come out of the dissolution of the marriage thinking that…

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Mediation – Is it Worth It?


Mediation in a divorce setting involves the meeting of a divorced couple, where issues are discussed with the help of a neutral third party, known as the mediator. Some of these issues that are discussed include child support, taxes, the distribution of assets and liabilities, child custody and parent time, and retirement. Because these topics…

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