Conclusion of Value vs. Calculation of Value

The common assumption is that a business valuation is just a business valuation. The reality, however, is that there are two distinctive categories that a valuation comes in: conclusion of value and calculation of value. When a business valuation expert is engaged to provide professional services, they are providing one….

A Forensic Accountant and Your Shareholder Dispute

Shareholder disputes happen in all different forms. In the simplest terms, a shareholder dispute is when there is a disagreement among shareholders or between shareholders about how the corporation is being governed or about something else involving the company’s finances, operations, or other relevant handling. Having financial stake in an….

Machine Learning and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are something that individuals, companies, and governments have been dealing with since the 1970s. As digital infrastructure continues to advance, cybersecurity measures must develop accordingly. Modern cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated, easily bypassing even some of the most robust cyber defenses. With this in mind, cybersecurity experts have….

Strategies to Prevent Small Business Fraud

While business fraud is prevalent amongst companies of all sizes, larger organizations are less susceptible to fraud compared to small and mid-sized businesses. On top of that, small and mid-sized businesses have a much tougher time recovering from fraud compared to large organizations. In fact, the ACFE (Association of Certified….