Malcom McLelland, PhD

(561) 624-0355
Palm Beach Gardens

Malcolm McLelland is a finance professional with over 25 years of experience in consulting, research, and teaching. His consulting work spans merger and acquisition analysis and structuring, negotiation of private debt and equity placements, and valuation of capital assets including privately-held debt and equity interests, and derivative securities.

Since 2010, Malcolm has been involved in international capital markets advisory services with clients based in Brazil, the USA, and Asia where he advises on the effects of economic factors on profits and asset prices, risk pricing, and valuations of private market assets.

In recent years, Malcolm has completed valuation projects and provided financial advisory services for the following clients:

  • ABN Amro (Brazil)
  • AeroPartsNow (USA)
  • Axis Renovaveis (Brazil)
  • Grupo Alfa (Brazil)
  • Banco Caixa Geral (Brazil)
  • Banco Yamaha (Brazil)
  • BioChimico (Brazil)
  • Bug Agentes Biologicos (Brazil)
  • China Construction Bank (Brazil and China)
  • China Enterprise Appraisals Co. Ltd. (China)
  • CGD Securities (Brazil)
  • Decoded Health (USA and NZ)
  • Figueiredo Ferraz (Brazil)
  • Grupo Alfa (Brazil)
  • JB Cred (Brazil)
  • Oncoprod (Brazil)
  • Paulitec (Brazil)

Malcolm’s research generally involves topics relating to international capital markets, asset pricing theory, financial reporting, and valuation in private capital markets. He is the author of the book International Cost of Capital Estimation: Methods Based on Modern Asset Pricing Theory and his research has been published in Business Valuation Review, Review of Accounting & Finance, Managerial Finance, and on the Social Science Research Network.

Dr. McLelland has held a variety of academic appointments including positions at Michigan State University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Purdue University, Indiana University, and Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology where he has taught courses in accounting and finance.

Malcolm was graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Business (Accounting) and from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Accounting and Econometrics).