Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services

Our firm’s litigation services department provides professional services to participants in the legal process. These services include forensic accounting, fraud detection and prevention, assistance with discovery matters, consultation, and expert witness testimony. We provide litigation services in both federal and state courts in a wide variety of cases including brokerage fraud, shareholder disputes, class action litigation, personal injury, marital dissolution, contract claims, business damages, lost profits, business and contract disputes and criminal cases.

Our clients include both litigants and attorneys, and our services are provided both before the inception of and throughout the course of litigation. We are regularly retained in civil, criminal, and family law (divorce) matters, and often participate in the development of pleadings and in the discovery process.

Fraud-related Engagements

Our staff includes five Certified Fraud Examiners who are involved in fraud detection and prevention engagements. Such engagements include evaluation of an organization’s internal controls, identification and measurement of frauds, and implementation of procedures that will reduce the risk of falling victim to fraud schemes in the future.

Past fraud engagements have resulted in successful recoveries in both civil and criminal actions.

Expert Witness Engagements

Expert witness engagements include any situation where a member of the firm renders a professional opinion in deposition or at trial. The expert’s opinion and work product are subject to discovery and are open to cross-examination.

Litigation Consulting Engagements

In litigation consulting engagements, our firm is typically retained by the attorney and all work product and opinions are privileged (the opposition doesn’t get to see it) and are provided solely to assist the attorney in the legal handling of the case.