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Top Accounting Firm in Orlando

Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. is proud to present our new presence in Orlando, Florida. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with offices in Miami, Florida as well, we have grown to accommodate our developing presence in the middle of the state. With the ability to take on cases in Orlando, FL, we have already had the opportunity to assist a number of Orlando-based clients with a variety of our professional services.

The expansion into Central Florida will be led by shareholder and long-time team member Keith E. Gardere, CPA/ABV. Our Orlando office will allow us to better serve our clients in that market and reach new customers across the state.

Gardere, who joined the firm in January 2007 and is now a shareholder currently working in the business valuation and litigation service department, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Orlando market. He specializes in high-net-worth marital dissolution, fraud examination, economic damage, business valuation and other complex forensic accounting engagements.

Using a customized approach to forensic accounting and financial accounting, our Orlando staff serves clients throughout the Sunshine State, delivering wide-ranging services in the following areas:

  • Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services
  • Business Valuation and Transaction Advisory Services
  • Tax and Accounting
  • Family Services

From IRS representation to cash flow and wealth management to federal income tax, our dynamic staff is able to customize an accounting style to fit the ever-changing, high-paced business needs of our clients. The Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. team is on the cutting-edge of the accounting industry, with a growing staff that includes 8 former college athletes.

Utilizing skills such as discipline and self-confidence learned through playing sports on a collegiate level, we are able to tackle any accounting and business issue with a laser-focus on efficient and effective practices. Our clients have come to know and trust our expertise, commitment to excellence, and open, honest approach to accounting practices.

"We build lasting relationships based on integrity, high-quality services, and a relentless pursuit of success."

Virtual Forensic Accounting Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need and the importance of virtual services across nearly every industry. At Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. we are experts when it comes to utilizing digital tools to give our clients an in-person experience.

The experienced accounting team will walk you through the process of a virtual case, including:

  • Preparation
  • Discovery
  • Document Review
  • Deposition
  • Trial

We feel confident that our expertise lays the foundation to exceed expectations in the handling of your forensic accounting and litigation needs. Achieving all of this online, in a virtual setting, has opened the door to our expansion to Orlando, FL.

Expanding Our Success Story to Orlando, FL

The accounting industry is an ever-changing, evolving body that we take great pride in. As such, our Orlando forensic accounting firm is committed to keeping a finger on the pulse of IRS requirements in order to best serve our clients. Knowing that reporting foreign bank accounts and trust interests within the IRS requirements is quite complex, our accounting team has become extremely proficient at navigating the complexities involved in foreign bank accounts and tax filing obligations.

Failing to meet filing obligations results in severe penalties. The Orlando tax accountants at our firm focus on the filing requirements related to foreign banks accounts and Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR). Working for some of the best tax attorneys in the state of Florida on FBAR filing, we are specialists in foreign bank account filings.

The growth of Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. can largely be attributed to our tax department. Our services go beyond the preparation of federal and state income tax returns. Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. offers tax planning for new businesses as well as growing businesses. From basic ownership options to year-end planning and projections, our accounting team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of tax preparation needs. In addition, we offer consulting services that include mergers and acquisitions, evaluating material transactions, estate and trust planning, and international taxation strategies.

As Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. continues to make a mark in Florida, we take pride in supporting our clients with audit, review, and compilation of business and personal financial statements as well as bookkeeping and payroll. Our goal is to accelerate our clients’ financial success through personal attention, innovative strategy, and keeping a close watch on industry developments in all accounting matters.

A Client-First Mentality

Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. introduced an innovative, progressive Client Portal that allows for seamless communication with our clients. With unparalleled security and a home for our clients’ most essential tax and business documents, the Client Portal makes the tax preparation process much more streamlined and efficient. As a result, our clients are better able to focus on more important matters like financial and tax planning.

Some of the most prominent features of the Client Portal include:

  • Unmatched Security and File Protection
  • Document Collection
    • Uploaded documents are immediately searched and populated
    • W-2s, 1099s, Purchase and Sale Agreements, etc. are all available with one click
    • Reduces costs on tax returns
  • Seamless Communication
  • Streamlined and Efficient Tax Preparation Process

Smith, Stohlman, James & Gardere, P.A. is Orlando’s fastest-growing full-service accounting firm. Our significant litigation and forensic division offers tax and assurance services, business valuation and litigation services, and extensive experience in bankruptcy and insolvency services. Contact us today to learn how our accounting experts in Orlando can help to improve the condition of your business and financial matters.